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Who is Maxwell Fine ?

Maxwell Fine Studio have produced a stunning range of prints for the ROBBED collection. These exclusive limited prints all contain a bold statement, enhanced with eye popping vibrant colours and most have very sparkly diamond dust. A percentage from each sale in the ROBBED collection is always donated to Switchboard LGBT+ Helpline, there’s never been a better time to brighten up your walls.

The catalyst for ROBBED was the aftermath of a curiously self-destructive relationship. A catastrophic experience of love and loss that was both, inevitable and preventable right from the very start.

ROBBED is a deeply personal LGBT project that was inspired by the courage of a partner in the closet. The diamond dust, design project was born from a partners struggle with his sexuality, his identity and his place in this world. Empowering a viewer with a glimpse at micro-moments of pure lust; The text within the project was lifted directly from conversations during an intense relationship that was cut short when it all became too real.

This project containing twelve limited edition screen prints and one unique lightbox sculpture, aims to fight stigma around LGBT issues, coming out and mental health in the 21st century. Maxwell’s previous partner was paralysed with the fear that revealing his sexual identity would push his family away. The budding romance was unable to mature into a wholesome and meaningful relationship. Instead it was shrouded in concealment, shame and hollow promises.

A percentage of sales will be donated to Switchboard LGBT+ Helpline. From coming out to going out, sexual health to mental health and anything in between - whatever the topic, for confidential information and support; You can talk to switchboard on 0300 330 0630 10am – 10pm or online at