Banksy Exhibition CUT & RUN

Banksy Glasgow gallery of modern art

A Banksy exhibition doesn't come along very often. The last official solo exhibition by this elusive artist was 14 years ago.

CUT & RUN - 25 years card labour is an Exhibition celebrating 25 years of his art including the humble stencil used to create Banksy's artwork from 1998 - 2023 and is taking place in Glasgow at the Gallery of Modern Art between 18th June and 28th August 2023

“I’ve kept these stencils hidden away for years, mindful they could be used as evidence in a charge of criminal damage. But that moment seems to have passed, so now I’m exhibiting them in a gallery as works of art. I’m not sure which is the greater crime”

– Banksy

The show includes authentic artefacts and will run for three months. At weekends the exhibition is open all night but please be aware the show contains tight spaces, fragile items and disorientating light effects, if you show up appearing to be very intoxicated you may be refused entry.

It is rumoured that If it proves popular, the show may then tour. 

Is it suitable for kids?

Yes, there are no swear words and all adult themes are dealt with quite childishly.

Can I take pictures?

NO Photography is permitted in the show. There are restricted environments that require you to stay in the moment and keep moving. You will be asked to put your phone in a lockable pouch for the duration.

A limited amount of walk up tickets are available each day from the box office.

Or to book - click here for CUT & RUN Tickets 

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