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Who is Amy Gardner ?

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Amy Gardner is an Australian born, South London based fine artist and printmaker... and mama to two budding young creatives, Lola and Winnie.  

The driving force behind Amy’s work is female empowerment, celebrating womanhood, embracing imperfections and the POWER of “women supporting women”. 

She uses humour with found image from 1950’s advertising to smash the ideal of the 'perfect woman' and to illustrate just how archaic, yet prevalent in contemporary culture, these ideals are.

Amy merges two print formats, lino and screen print, often combining them with collage and photography. As a self-confessed non-conformist she deliberately works outside of the realm of printing standards; mis-registering, pushing and disregarding perceived limits to amplify the message of embracing our imperfections and celebrating our uniqueness.

Amy brings an instinctive and playful approach to her work, and a shit-ton* of energy. The bold use of colour comes from her belief in colour therapy, further influenced by her tendency to think of people in colours (synaesthesia). Amy uses her work as a tool of mass communication – in an effort to empower the viewer. 

*Shit-ton, adj, definition: Used to measure un-quantifiable amounts of something.