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Explore our art for sale by Harland Miller; one of the most distinctive and unique print artists working today. Harland is a British born author and artist who is best known for his large scale versions of classic Penguin book covers. The painting process is photo-realistic however the book titles are from his own imagination. Witty, caustic and to the point such as ‘Dont Let The Bastards Cheer You Up’ and ‘Narcissist Seeks Similar’; these are the reasons we love Harlands work. 

Who is Harland Miller?

Born in Yorkshire 1964, Harland studied at Chelsea Art School graduating with a MA. He is a published author who has traveled extensively and lived in diverse places such as New Orleans, Berlin and New York. He first produced his distinctive Penguin Classic art around 2001 and continues to explore their appeal in his own way, fusing Pop Art with fine art techniques.

If you are interested in any other of Harland’s iconic artworks, or there is a specific print that you just have to have on your walls then please get in touch. We’d love to chat through the options.

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