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Explore our art for sale by Nick Smith; one of the most distinctive and unique print artists working today. Pantone Green Christmas Tree is a classic Nick Smith wall art print that perfectly highlights his unique style that will stand out on any wall.

Nick hand assembles his art work, creating his pixelated images by the careful placement of small coloured squares reminiscent of paint colour swatch samples. The collage process allows Nick to build the image using custom colours and also custom text underneath each colour swatch. The pixelated image is only one dimension of Nick’s work, there is also the addition of text placed underneath each colour where the colour name would normally be; only now, the words are subversive or complimentary to the image.  

Who is Nick Smith? 

Previously an Interior designer, Nick smith created his first pixelated image of Warhol’s Marilyn in 2011 using colour swatches. The success of this piece developed his unique style and inspired him to become a full time artist. Nick is not the only artist to find inspiration from Marilyn Monroe.

If you are interested in any other of Nick Smith’s iconic artworks, or there is a specific print that you just have to have on your walls then please get in touch. We’d love to chat through the options.

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  • Nick Smith 'Pantone Green Christmas Tree' | Limited Edition Print
    Nick Smith Print Nick Smith 'Pantone Green Christmas Tree' | Limited Edition Print
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