Banksy Art For Sale

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Banksy artwork and ephemera are getting rare and hard to find in mint condition, if you are looking for a specific piece by Banksy then please get in touch with us.

Who is Banksy ?

There are 26,500,000 results in Google when searching for Who is Banksy? We won't attempt to regurgitate all of that information here.

So what can we say about Banksy? A household name; elusive, satirical, political, secretive, talented, untalented, genius, charlatan. All of these superlatives have been thrown at the persona of Banksy and probably, in their own way all are right.

Banksy’s work sells for millions, even the humble screen print can set you back a six figure sum – if you are lucky enough to find a genuine one.

Banksy's street art has appeared on just about every continent and new pieces are always sure to pull in a big crowd. Whenever a Banksy exhibition is announced you can guarantee there will be long queues of people eager to look and purchase; Dismaland, Walled of Hotel and the most recent Gross Domestic Product Store are just a small selection of the official Banksy exhibitions.

The question remains unanswered - Who is She/He? Perhaps only mother knows...