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Who is Whatshisname ?

Whatshisname is the creative name behind the artist Sebastian Burdon. The alias “Whatshisname” is inspired by the fact that he has trouble remembering other artists’ names and by the Green Day song “Whatshername”.

The PoPek balloon dog is just one of many pieces that Sebastian has produced and shown over several years and in numerous countries.

His work always has a strong sense of fun attached, displayed really well by the happy PoPek dog playing with his balloon. Sebastian also produces prints using digital and traditional techniques.

Sebastian was born in eastern Poland in 1982. Today he lives and works in London. He started creating his first digital art at the age of 7 while using an Atari 130 XE. After moving to London in 2006; having worked as an assistant to well established British artists, he started to create his own art using both digital and traditional mediums.

"The aim of my art is to express what cannot be express with words. I want to encourage the viewer to look at surrounding world and question it in derisive, unorthodox way”.

If you would like further information on Sebastian's artwork or are looking for specific art by him then please get in touch with us. Info@wehaveyourprints.com

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Share the Love M. Another thought provoking limited edition artwork by whatshisname aka Sebastian Burdon This series of prints look stunning and are a gentle reminder of childhood heroes and villains reaching out from the past. Here we have Mickey Mouse sharing the love.  Artist: Whatshisname (click for bio) Title: Share...
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Original Happy PoPek Mini Red. These ultra cute little dogs are jolly and bright and will bring joy and humour to your home without the smells, the walking and the chasing cats. Why not give a dog a home? This fun filled dog is made from polyresin and finished to...


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