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Who is John Curtis ?

John Curtis is an artist from Bristol who has been drawing and painting ever since he could hold a paintbrush or pencil.

John studied Art, Design and Illustration at Brunel College of Art in Bristol after leaving school, and then had a break from visual arts and studied creative advertising and marketing at Falmouth College in Cornwall.

John’s work is contemporary and abstract in nature and is inspired by surroundings, moods and experiences. He is influenced by artists such as Jackson Pollock and M C Escher, as well as pop/modern art, graffiti and street art culture. The base idea for any piece of art can come from a myriad of sources from science fiction, landscapes, films, music or even dreams. Often ordinary encounters in daily life inspires his work.

To produce his work John uses acrylics, oils, enamel paints and spray paint. “I experiment with colours and textures to create unique abstract pieces. The finished products are highly detailed, energetic pieces of artwork which demand a closer look. I often use inks to add intricate details to the work. I create detailed illustrations using inks and pencil, creating surreal, intense black and white images, inspired by Zentangle Art

He also produces artwork based on the surroundings of his home town "Bristol" and has produced many pieces featuring scenes from the industrial and architectural beauty of the city to abandoned graffiti covered buildings in areas like Stokes Croft.

"I am also influenced by graffiti and street art culture, and coming from Bristol, the UK capital of Street Art, I am surrounded by the influence (and work) of street artist's such as BANKSY, Nick Walker, Inkie and Cheo as well as many others. I often take a walk to St Werburgh's railway tunnel to check out the new artwork, which seems to be replaced on a weekly basis".

John has produced a large variety of work, from small paintings to one off original illustrations and limited edition prints. As well as his detailed and intimate pieces on Bristol, John has also produced large sweeping cityscapes of major global cities and a collection of abandoned pubs in the UK.

​John can create artwork to suit your needs, offering almost any size option and work can be customised to an individual level, creating a unique one off piece.

If you would like further information on John’s work or are looking for specific art by him then please get in touch with us.