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Art Sculpture & 3D Art

Who says art has to be flat? Don't get us wrong we love our more traditional wall art prints but sometimes we need something a little bit different like 3D artwork and sculptures.

Our collection of art sculpture and 3D art promises to help you find a special piece for your home. 3D art and art sculpture don’t have to be huge statement pieces. Every corner of your home deserves to have some artwork to make it come alive, and for some areas an art sculpture is just what is needed.

3D Art for Sale 

Just one of the pieces we love is the ‘Coney’ rabbit 3D art by Harry Bunce. There are only 12 of these baby blue Coney rabbits ever made, making them a sought after limited edition piece. Something to take your shelves from boring to special with one click.

3D art comes in many forms and mediums such as clay, resin and even 3D printing. We love these 3D printed NHS Superheros by Fontana Design of Italy, they are a wonderful tribute to our NHS Heros.

Our selection of 3D art for sale reflects the whole ethos at We Have Your Prints. We want to celebrate art from all genres, and mediums to help you find the perfect piece just for you.

If you have any questions about any of our 3D art and art sculptures, or know of an artist that would fit right into our online gallery please don’t hesitate to reach out, we’d love to help.

More Art by Grayson Perry Homepage Grayson Perry Western Art In The Form Of A Tea Towel - Framed Who said Tea Towels are boring? As part of Grayson Perry's Western Art in the form of... this tea towel has the power to Crush Fascism! This humble tea towel is...
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More Art by Grayson Perry Homepage Grayson Perry Art Club Tea Towel - Framed The artwork on this tea towel by Grayson Perry perfectly encapsulates the experience of 2020 for many people. This fabulous piece of art was created as part of the Channel 4 Tv series 'Grayson's Art Club'...
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More Art by Anonymouse Homepage Run Out Of Fucks (ROOF) - Emergency Alarm Box - Limited Edition 3D Art + Free Badges This fantastic piece of 3D Art is perfect for when you have run out of fucks and it is an emergency. Made from a salvaged fire alarm emergency...
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More Art by Grayson Perry Homepage Grayson Perry 100% Art plate. 3D art never looked so cool. The 100% Art Plate from Grayson Perry makes a great read and will intrigue when it is up on your wall. The plate features words from Grayson (you will have to read it...
Explore our art collections Homepage Pinocchio never looked so awake ! Exclusive Edition Sold out with the Artist. Free UK Shipping This fabulous Pinocchio 3D art sculpture by Juce Gace was produced in the middle of 2020 and is named the 'Stay Home Edition'. Juce Gace's now familiar Pinocchio wood...
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Coney Blue Rabbit by Harry Bunce Free UK Shipping, Very Low Stock This beautiful Coney is the first 3D sculpture by Harry Bunce and is handmade in Britain. Coney is another name for rabbits as well as referring to the Cone shape he is based upon. He always has a...
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Explore Our Art Collections Homepage Magnus Gjoen Delft 3D Art Paperweight Set These Delft paperweights by Magnus Gjoen look sublimely stunning in their custom made frame. Wall art doesn't get better than this; they are so intricately detailed, they will command a presence on any wall you care to put...
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NHS Superhero Limited to 10 pieces Exclusively designed for We Have Your Prints Our Wonderful NHS have done a superb job during this Covid-19 crisis. Do you know a Hero? Artist: Fontana Design Title: NHS Contemporary Hero Medium: 3D printed Size: 15 x 9 x 4 cm Edition: 10 Worldwide Year: 2020 Numbered: Yes,...
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More Art by Grayson Perry Homepage Grayson Perry A Small Investment in British Perversion Mug. 3D art never looked so cool. The small investment mug by Grayson Perry will make a great centre piece on a shelf - and can also be used to drink Tea. The mug is gold rimmed and...
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More Art by Imbue Homepage Drug Lord - Blue Pill by Imbue (Free UK Delivery & Half Price Print) This wonderful 3D art sculpture by Imbue is his latest piece playing with the drug Lord Theme. We love the way the light shines through the edge of the Perspex and the...
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Original Happy PoPek Mini Red. These ultra cute little dogs are jolly and bright and will bring joy and humour to your home without the smells, the walking and the chasing cats. Why not give a dog a home? This fun filled dog is made from polyresin and finished to...


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