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Gender should not matter when it comes to art, but while we work on finding true equality in the art world, we want to shine a spotlight on some of our favourite wall art by female artists.

Our collection of these amazing female artists includes fantastic prints by Amy Gardner, Sandrea Chevrier, Carly Chaikin, Amanda Lynch and Sarah Joncas; not forgetting bondage art courtesy of Michelle Mildenhall. If you like to fill your home with artwork that is powerful, controversial, celebratory and empowering and supports smashing the patriarchy then these artists are for you.

Bring a touch of elegance and drama to your home with some iconic female artwork including these pieces featuring Frida Kahlo and Madonna by Michelle Mildenhall and Wonder Woman as seen in Amy Gardner’s screen print ‘Behind Every Strong Woman’

Why We’re Passionate About Female Artists 

We have found that while female artists are well represented in education, that number seems to drastically diminish when we enter the wider world of celebrated artists. We want to use our Gallery to highlight more great art by female artists and showcase how women are using their talents to express themselves too. 

If you have any questions about female artists or you know of an artist whose work deserves to be shared, please don’t hesitate to reach out, we would love to hear from you.

We have included Panhl in here as they are a female/male duo, we were in two minds as to whether to put the mysterious Banksy into this collection - what do you think?

  • AAWatson (16)
  • Alex Bucklee (6)
  • Amanda Lynch (1)
  • Amy Gardner (2)
  • Art Sculpture & 3D Art (8)
  • Banksy (4)
  • Canvaz (2)
  • Carly Chaikin (1)
  • Connor Brothers (1)
  • Female Artists (13)
  • Fontana Design (1)
  • Grayson Perry (2)
  • Hand Finished Art (27)
  • Harland Miller (1)
  • Harry Bunce (1)
  • Imbue (9)
  • Jim Starr (1)
  • John Curtis (6)
  • JPS (2)
  • Keith Haring (1)
  • Magnus Gjoen (5)
  • Maxwell Fine Studio (12)
  • Michelle Mildenhall (5)
  • Movie Posters (5)
  • Mr. Controversial (19)
  • New Art (36)
  • Nick Smith (1)
  • Olly Howe (2)
  • Original Art (6)
  • Pahnl (1)
  • Paul Insect (1)
  • Pejac (2)
  • Prints (90)
  • Pure Evil (5)
  • Ready To Hang (32)
  • Sandra Chevrier (2)
  • Sarah Joncas (1)
  • Screen Prints (21)
  • Shepherd Fairey aka Obey Giant (1)
  • TRUST.iCON (1)
  • West Country Prince (Banksy Replica) (7)
  • Whatshisname (2)
  • AAWatson
  • Alex Bucklee
  • Amanda Lynch
  • Amy Gardner
  • Banksy
  • Canvaz
  • Carly Chaikin
  • Connor Brothers
  • Fontana Design
  • Harry Bunce
  • Imbue
  • Jim Starr
  • John Curtis
  • JPS
  • Keith Haring
  • Maxwell Fine Studio
  • Michelle Mildenhall
  • Mr. Controversial
  • Olly Howe
  • Pahnl
  • Paul Insect
  • Pejac
  • Pure Evil
  • Sandra Chevrier
  • Sarah Joncas
  • West Country Prince
  • Whatshisname
  • 3D Art
  • Canvas
  • Diamond Dust
  • Female Artists
  • Framed
  • Hand Finished
  • Movie Poster
  • Original
  • Prints
  • Ready To Hang
  • Screen Prints
Shadow Boxer art Print by Sarah Joncas This print is rare and is fully sold out by the publisher "I had a reference image I took of myself many years ago. I had lost my sketchbook that day and had nothing to paint on, so I started using myself as...
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A cultural icon that needs no introduction; Queen Elizabeth 2nd has been the subject of many artists. The Queen has been subverted and immortalised by the likes of Jamie Reid, Banksy, Skint, Dface, Pegasus, Trust Icon, Mr Brainwash, Pure Evil, Chris Levine and countless others. She has been portrayed in...
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Behind Every Strong Woman... AP Screen print by Amy Gardner This fabulous limited edition screen print is now sold out with the Artist. However, we are fortunate to have one of the rare AP (Artists Proof) prints available and ready to brighten up your walls. This iconic screen print by...
This print is a fabulous portrait of Janet Leigh who shot to fame as Marion Crane in Alfred Hitchcock's 1960 film Psycho. Although Janet Leigh had many roles in Hollywood films, she will be forever known as the lady in the shower-scene. Michelle has created a strong and powerful portrait...
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Playground Love art Print by Carly Chaikin "This has always been one of my favourite paintings because I feel like just by looking at it you can understand them. Their essence, their attitude, their boredom; their satisfaction.  This is also one the hardest paintings that I’ve done. It was hard and...
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Madonna - Queen of Pop has always reinvented her look but now Michelle has taken it one stage further. Part of a series of portraits of cultural icons revealed in Michelle's brilliant take on the power of (mostly) women. Madonna's gaze is challenging you to dare question her life choices...
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Yes You Can Can (Splats Edition) Screen print by Amy Gardner Everyone loves doing the Can Can; and these 5 women are certainly doing it in style. This fantastic piece of art by Amy Gardner has been hand finished with celebratory splats. Each print in the edition of 40 has...
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This wonderful portrait of Frida Kahlo who many see as an icon of female creativity was originally produced in Latex. This Limited print has been produced from the original. Mexican born Frida Kahlo was a pioneer for female artists in her homeland and many believe paved the way for female...
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Amanda Lynch is a relatively new artist and "Declined" is one of her first prints. The subject matter could so easily apply to the plight of the art student, the widening poverty gap in the UK or our reaction to human interaction in the face of the Covis-19 virus Artist: Amanda...
This is a beautiful print of the great Audrey Hepburn given a slight twist by Michelle with the inclusion of a latex collar. This print is taken from an original produced in latex that explores the darker side of our cultural icons. Michelle's brilliant take on the power of (mostly)...
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La Cage et les contes de fées Limited Edition print by Sandra Chevrier "The Cage and the fairytales" is another superbly detailed print from Canadian Artist Sandra Chevrier. The vibrancy of colours make this artwork really pop out as a statement piece. Sandra Chevrier's work combines street art and fine...
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View Other Artists Homepage This is a great small silkscreen print by Pahnl; featuring one of their cheeky characters caught in the act of graffiti (self-expression). The colours on this 2 colour screen print are vibrant and add a real sense of fun. Each Print is finished with black over-spray meaning...
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La Cage Je n'ai pas peur Giclee print by Sandra Chevrier - Free Worldwide Shipping "The Cage I am not Afraid" is another superbly detailed print from Canadian Artist Sandra Chevrier. The quality of the printing and vibrancy of colours make this artwork really pop out as a statement piece....


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