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Who is Olly Howe ?

If you would like further information on Olly Howe's artwork or are looking for specific art by him then please get in touch with us. Info@wehaveyourprints.com

Olly Howe’s art combines the idealised beauty of the modern world with that of a more surreal & fantastical existence. Often centred around the female form, Olly combines existing elements from the past with modern photography /editing techniques as well as hand drawn & painted motifs to create engaging art that challenges perception.

“Each piece is its own entity, there’s always an initial spark of inspiration that will kick off a new one but I usually don’t know how it will end up looking when I start - that’s the exciting part for me. Experimenting with different elements & compositions until something ‘clicks’ - that process can take a few hours or a few weeks, it’s not unusual for me to have 5 different versions of something going at the same time, eventually amalgamating them into a final piece”.

“The fundamentals of the way I work have never really changed, I take various different photographic elements as well as marks and textures that I create by hand and then edit & bring them all together digitally. Once a piece of art is complete I move onto the ‘making’ process, which depending on whether it’s an original or print will consist of various techniques including; digital print, screen print, stencilling & hand finishing”.

Having spent almost 10 years living in East London working with some of the top illustration agencies in the UK, Olly’s shift towards being a full time artist coincided with a move to Newquay in the West Country where he where he lives and works today.

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"Night of the Jaguar" by Olly Howe is a superb piece of artwork that was only available for 24 hours. It is framed ready to hang. Olly Howe's art is striking in its imagery and use of different art and printing techniques. His work conjures images of ornate tribal headdresses...
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