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Shem is a street artist from Lima, Peru born in 1976.
He started drawing at the age of three and achieved a graduate degree in arts from George Washington school in Lima.

For political reasons his whole family relocated to Lausanne Switzerland in 1989.
Travelling throughout Switzerland Shem received a visual ‘slap in the face’ from the scale, colour and complexity of street art and murals – naturally, he turned to Graffiti.
A few encounters with some local artists helped him make his debut as a street artist; after this he dedicated his time and energy to painting on trains, metros and railway stations; quite illegally.

Shem has been working on canvas now for several years. Although an experienced artist, he continually strives to develop his skills through new techniques such as superimposition and transparency. He also diversifies his range of tools by using acrylic, watercolour, oil and pastel to get the desired colours and textures.
Shem often collaborates with other artists to bring graffiti to unexpected places and has rapidly become an all round creative, innovative artist, who is recognised by art critics.

If you are interested in any other artwork by Shem, please get in touch. We’d love to chat through the options.

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