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Who is Imbue ?

British Artist Imbue is well known for his subversive art and playing with religious iconography. If you would like further information on Imbue's artwork or are looking for specific art by him, then please get in touch with us.

The following is an exert from an interview with Imbue by Felicity Carter for Forbes. For the Full interview visit

FC: How would you sum up your aesthetic? 

Imbue: I don’t feel that my art follows a set style, I usually have an idea, concept or message and then I decide what the best medium to create that is. I guess that makes my style more varied. 

Even though I begin with the idea, the aesthetic and how the finished piece ends up is still ultimately very important to me. Personally, I like art to look refined and well-produced, with a futuristic feel and think this comes through with the less traditional methods I use to make my work these days.

FC: There’s a lot of religious iconography in your work, what do you want to communicate? 

Imbue: My work comments on religion but I’m not trying to communicate a particular message. I’m definitely not against religion, I’m really fascinated by it. I’m interested in the way religion impacts the world and carries stories across history, communicating messages that people learn from. The way ideas have come together and religions have been formed is amazing to me. 

My use of religious iconography also comes from the fact that I like using familiar icons in my work, and religious icons are the original example of this. 

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