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This is now the second Easter since the start of Covid and we thought we would use our Easter blog to help celebrate the occasion and to produce a bit of lighthearted relief to the Covid-19 misery that we are all going through.

Easter is a time of Chocolate, Eggs, Bunnies and Religion. We have combined all of these, mixed in with just a hint of daftness.

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Art and chocolate go so well together, from Banksy's Chocolate Donut screen print (If you have a spare £80,000) to amazing chocolate sculptures. like this lovely pooch by Agnetha Sjögren.

Agnetha Chocolate dog

We asked ourselves, What does Easter mean to us? and to be honest Easter at WHYP is all about chocolate, (nearly always dark and sometimes on a biscuit) but we have added some religious iconography too, as well as some myths and legends associated with Easter….wait…what do you mean the Easter Bunny might not be real???
These have been gathered from a variety of sources and we have tried to give credit where its due, apologies if we fail to get that right.

The Easter Bunny is the key player here; how else will we get our chocolate eggs? Harry Bunce is famous for his Rabbit pictures, but this one in tribute to Keith Haring makes great use of popping colours and makes it look like Mr or Mrs Bunny is calling round with a sack full of eggs.

If you have a stash of delicious Easter chocolate that needs protecting, these new Coney Rabbit 3D art sculptures by Harry Bunce would be perfectly up to the job.

  Harry Bunce Coney rabbits for sale  

The night before the big delivery on Easter Sunday, we like to think that these illuminating bunnies get together to discuss distribution routes. Installation artist Amanda Parer captures these giant Inflatable rabbits getting ready to go out delivering.

This pensive looking Rabbit by bOrdalo is impressive on a street corner in Amsterdam Looks like he is ready to hop on and share that chocolate love.

When you wake up on Easter morning – how lovely would it be to find this street art themed egg? Part of a collection of street art Easter chocolates from Paris-based Jadis Gourmande.

Now that that DT is out of office and the general shit storm that he created has calmed down a bit, I felt that this great piece of chocolate street art could be included.

M&M Trump

Is this street art?

There are so many creative people making great art, sculptures and just plain odd chocolate creations. These are taken from 42 Of The Most Creative Works Of Chocolate Art.

And a couple more we liked from Pintrest

Also something just plain weird. Artistic, but weird - we love it.

The ultimate Easter Bunny decked out with PPE and life essentials. Photo by Ronald Wittek

Let them eat chocolate you say?  Well someone associated with chocolates, that is boxes of them – agrees with you, Banksy spoof artist Hanksy has a message for the world.

If chocolate is not your thing, unfortunately you are in a minority. let’s be honest, Easter is mostly spent wading through masses of it…not just us eh? Though these fabulous chocolate guns by Imbue definitely gives you food for thought. A chocolate Uzi anyone?

And if one gun wasn’t enough he also does a chocolate AK47

If all this self-isolation is driving you crazy, maybe Imbue can help with some prayer to the great Lord? Plus, it comes in cheery yellow green and nothing says spring like those lovely fresh colours.

We love work by Simon Skint and we think I-Christ is a great take on what Easter is meant to be about if that is your belief system, any suggestions for a playlist for him to listen to?


We think 'always look on the bright side of life' from the Monty Python’s Life of Brian. But what do you suggest to help JHC pass the time?
We love a bit of street art that makes full use of street furniture and the immediate surroundings like this piece found in Florence.

For a more sombre but affecting piece of art this image is making great use of the architecture in the city.

The worldwide Pandemic brought on by the Covid-19 virus has brought the creativity out of a great deal of (bored) people. There is a great article here of people re-creating their own version of famous paintings and images.

This one in particular caught our interest, there are 34 more in the article.

German Artist Til Kolare of Leipzig has used his digital art skills to recreate 14 classic paintings to show how their characters could practice social distancing.

This seemed particularly relevant.

Don’t forget….
If you do go out, don’t forget to maintain your social distance, here is John, Paul, George and Ringo showing you how it is done.

But whatever you do this Easter – love the people you are with and show love and respect to our Health and key workers.
Stay safe, stay well and don't mingle.
Jay & Moira


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