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Who is Pejac ?

If you would like further information on Pejac's artwork or are looking for specific art by him then please get in touch with us.

If you have a piece of art by Pejec – it is something special

Pejac, born in Santander in 1977 is a Spanish street artist known for his minimalist style whilst exploring sensitive social, environmental and political issues. His work is powerful and deliberately provocative about real-world issues and he uses a range of artistic styles and mediums to get his often critical message across. Pejac studied art in Barcelona and Milan where he became disillusioned with the elitist attitude of the art world he was studying; he left formal education and embarked on his street art career.

To label Pejac as a street artist is only capturing one element of his work. Pejac works to such fine detail and is technically highly skilled; he is quite capable at getting his message across with silhouette paintings on a wall or floor as he is at producing work in a classical style with exquisite fine detail. Pejac’s art is instantly recognisable – there are very few in the art world that have that accolade.

Pejac has total control of his creative and printing process and his new artworks are only available from his own website.