Michelle Mildenhall Art For Sale

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Who is Michelle Mildenhall ?

Michelle Mildenhall is one of the UKs leading subversive artists and has a very distinctive style and primary choice of medium; Latex.

Michelle studied textiles and surface pattern at Somerset College of Arts and Technology, where she first experimented with latex as a new medium. After finishing her degree, she moved to London where she worked for 12 years as a commercial graphic artist. It was during this period that Michelle had the idea of using latex to create something unique to the art world.

“The idea came in a flash of inspiration, while I was working on a latex outfit for myself. Visually it’s such a beautiful material it really deserves to be looked at and admired.”

Michelle’s Latex art portraits are seen as provocative and subversive exploring the taboo subjects of sexuality, subversion, eroticism and fetishism. Her style of art is instantly recognisable and often features female empowerment and feminism combined in stunningly visual portraits.

We have a range of prints for sale that celebrate strong female icons of popular culture, each print in the series has been created from a latex original.

If you would like further information on Michelle’s artwork or are looking for specific art by her or perhaps different female icons, then please get in touch with us. Info@wehaveyourprints.com