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Who is Rosie Isabel ?

I always find it hard to describe my style. Somewhat dark, edgy, alternative and striking. I like to use my creativity to express my passion, whether its an opinion, feeling or lovely vision in my mind. 

After success exhibiting at "Erotic Art London", Rosie's artworks have been displayed in New Mexico Las Cruces Space Festival, Australia, and across the EU and has original artwork permanently on display at The Rabbit Hole in Kentishtown.

Rosie Isabel has sold and donated work worldwide, including at "Nasty Women Amsterdam" which helped raise a considerable amount of funds for LGBTQ and Women's rights in 2019. 

Most recently and more notably, I have collaborated with writer SJ Carmine, to make artwork for her book 'Wax Whips and my Hairy Bits' which can be found on Amazon as number 1 erotic humour reads 2021. 

If you would like further information on Rosie Isabel's artwork or are looking for a specific print by her then please get in touch

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