West Country Prince Art For Sale

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Who is West Country Prince ?

Love Banksy images but not prepared to pay the high prices for his work? - we have the answer. A faithful Banksy replica at a fraction of the price.

The West Country Prince is a screen print making artist who produces Banksy replicas. Each screen print is made using the exact same methods (silk screen) as Banksy's early works. They are printed by hand onto the correct paper stock. Each one is hand printed meaning there is some variation, however the colours are accurate to the original piece as are the dimensions. There are many Banksy Replicas for sale from box canvas to poor digital copies; these West Country Prince screen prints look and feel high quality, once framed up they look superb.

To prevent fraud each print has a West Country Prince logo and the words "Banksy copy" printed on the back.

The black ink used during the screen printing process is easily scuffed; so just like the originals some of them are finished with a varnish to add some protection.

Who is the West Country Prince?

Not sure. She/he is about as elusive as Banksy. These prints are not endorsed by Banksy or Pest Control. The fact that the West Country Prince has been producing these screen prints for some time has left many to speculate on any connection to the true Banksy.

If you are interested in any other of Banksy's iconic prints, or there is a specific print that you just have to have on your walls then please get in touch. info@wehaveyourprints.com