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Who is Harry Bunce ?

If you would like further information on Harry's artwork or are looking for specific art by him then please get in touch with us.

Anyone that knows us, knows that we love Harry’s work. Our love of his “tooled up" animals started when we first saw “Peace” - a Fox with a gun.

Harry, originally from Hampshire did a short and volatile spell at art school before he moved to the city of Bristol. He worked in the fashion industry by day but continued to draw and paint by night. Over the years Harry's work moved from the studio to people’s homes and to art galleries. Harry's style took on a more graphic nature after a chance collaboration with screen printing gurus, Screen One. This progression of style saw Harry’s work becoming more edgy, witty and also slightly unnerving.

Harry’s style is hard to define, sometimes cutesy, sometimes confrontational, occasionally cuddly. His anthropomorphic animals have been described as “Beatrix Potter meets Quentin Tarantino” and include bomb carrying rabbits, a James Bond-esque fox complete with Walther PPK handgun, armed rabbits and squirrels and a Badger with a shotgun. All common countryside and urban animals – but now prepared to fight back.

Harry now lives in rural Somerset and is a staunch defender of the countryside and often uses his art to highlight environmental concerns.

Springwatch – it is not !

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