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Cry ‘God for Harry, England, and Saint George!’  - (King Henry, Act 3 Scene 1)

Welcome to another We Have Your Prints Blog, this week it is the Queen's Birthday, St George's Day, as well as Shakespeare's Death and whilst here at the WHYP castle we could never be accused of being nationalistic, we wanted to have a think about images and ideas associated with this quote from the Bard of Avon.

I have never been a fan of Shakespeare myself and for me this Connor Brothers print sums up his scribblings perfectly.

Connor Brothers - load of Fuss printed on book

For Harry

Our favourite Harry at home is Mr Harry Bunce. We love how his pistol packing critters can unnerve some of our house guests. Do you remember house guests? Friends; family, who would come to our house and eat great food, drink wine and whisky, chat and play games to the wee small hours? These are some of our favourites from Harry Bunce.

Harry Bunce - alice in trouble print

Alice in Trouble Series - Teatime

Harry Bunce - Peace print


Harry Bunce - Natural law

 Natural Law

The gift

The Gift

England's Dreaming

God Save the Queen…..and There's no future, And England's dreaming!’ – God save the Queen – Sex Pistols
Here in WHYP towers in order to balance our collection of Queens (more of that later) we have as our gatekeeper against the dangers of Royal toadyism Mr John Lydon (AKA Johnny Rotten) currently residing on our staircase.

Anne Marie Wright - Johny rotten
Entitled “ I’m not here for your amusement, you’re here for mine” We bought this from the artist Annemarie Wright who has painstakingly created it using handwritten quotes from the great man himself.  We love the way you can relish his hard stare at a distance and then get up close and personal and delight in his thoughts.

Anne Marie wright close up

The great thing about art in your own home is that you don’t have to be socially distant from it.

Queens, Queens, Queens

Whilst we won't be singing out of our window on Tuesday 21st to mark the great Lizzies Birthday - hard stare for Ben Fogle, we do love a picture of The Queen. We can’t explain why, but something about these subversive images from our own collection makes us smile.

 Mr Brainwash - Life is Beautiful

Mr Brainwash - Life is Beautiful


Trust.ICON - The Empire Strikes Back

Trust.ICON - The Empire Strikes Back


Darren Azzardis Queen Pop 3

Darren Azgard Queen Pop 3 - This print is A1 size and is covered in gorgeous glitter sparkle, just need to find the time to get it framed


Tabby - Boss

Tabby - Boss - Picked this up at Moniker art fair 2019. It is an original hand sprayed onto acetate, and I added the Union jack background


Pure Evil - Brexit nightmare

Pure Evil - Brexit Nightmare - This is large at 85cm x 70cm and is a 5 colour screenprint

The latest piece framed by Mr WHYP (took nearly 2.5 years to find the time) is “Like a Boss” by Simon Skint. This is a series 1 AP print and her Maj looks superb nestled in a black velvet boarder, with hints of the red, white and blue in the inner mount all topped off with anti-reflective glass and a distressed silver frame. We like to think that makes us a balanced household! Maybe not the quite the image you would associate with Her Maj but a striking mix of cultural references, nonetheless.

Skint - Like a Boss

Skint - Like a Boss

There are plenty more superb street art and subversive images of the Queen that we love, here are just a few

 jamie reid god save the queen poster

Jamie Reid - God Save the Queen



And to top if off, probably my favourite Queen image of all time from Chris Levine. He has captured a wonderful moment of serene calmness in this photo shoot.

Chris Levine - Lightness of Being

Chris Levine - Lightness of Being

And our own Michelle Mildenhall has a take on Mrs Windsor. Our website has more details of Michelle and her clever way with latex and the prints that she also produces. This piece is entitled QE2

Michelle Mildenhall QE2

And finally, in our parade of Queens someone we follow on Instagram.

Quiet British Accent have crowned their own queens.  This artistic duo creates amazing images on coins – they are Sharon Gale and Jason Gale. The couple's work often touches on the subjects of change and value using pennies and text.

Quite British Accent

Saint George

In a pre-lockdown world, pub gardens would be festooned with St Georges bunting on an April day; men with football shirts would raise a glass of warm fizzy lager to the great national saint. But how much do we know about the patron saint of flags and football teams? (only joking) Here is a quiz from 2018 Guardian to test your knowledge. 

You won’t be surprised to learn St. George is more international than you might think and his day is marked in countries as diverse as Ethiopia, Spain and Georgia – ok that last one not so surprising. Here are some images from around the world depicting St. George doing battle with that nasty dragon.

St George and the Dragon - Walter K Martinez III

Walter K Martinez III - St George and the Dragon


Welin - St George and the Dragon

Michael J Murphy - St George and the Dragon

Finally Back to where we started.  St George By our favourite, Harry Bunce

Harry Bunce St George

Whatever happens to you this week we hope you stay safe, stay socially distant and help kick COVID19 in the balls
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April 23, 2020

Great blog you two! I love the art – even recognised some – and the words. My favourite is the Alice in Trouble. Lots of love x


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