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Who is John Curtis ?

John Curtis is a Bristol born artist currently living in North Somerset. His artwork is inspired by street art and abandoned places around the UK. Lots of his work focuses on his home town of Bristol as well as London and the urban landscapes of cities. His artwork is based on his own photography and each piece is created using spray paint, acrylics and paint pens; creating a unique recognisable style. The subjects of his artwork range from gentrification of towns and cities, homelessness and street art; with his paintings usually featuring one or more of these subjects.

John’s work is contemporary and abstract in nature and is inspired by surroundings, moods and experiences. He is influenced by artists such as Jackson Pollock and M C Escher, as well as pop/modern art, graffiti and street art culture. The base idea for any piece of art can come from a myriad of sources from science fiction, landscapes, films, music or even dreams. Often ordinary encounters in daily life inspire his work.

John works from a small studio at his home and sells original art and prints of his work, and has sold over 1000 original paintings in his career. He has a large portfolio of work available and often takes part in exhibitions in and around Bristol. John is also a regular at the Bristol Urban Paint festival Upfest.  This is Europe’s largest live street art and graffiti festival and John has taken part in the festival for the past 8 years.