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Who is Mr Controversial ?

He is controversial in the way he has just recently come onto the art scene and has already had an impact and captured the eyes of established collectors and an audience. He argues his ‘lack of’ traditional art training allows him to create outside of traditional form and convention; “I envision the piece I want to create and pull together the various elements in order to create it, I don’t allow my limitations to prevent me from creating. I believe true creativity is working outside your limits.”. A fresh approach to fine art.
He is also controversial in his fearless approach to art, not worrying about who he offends or pokes fun at. “Some of the captions are bound to offend, unsettle and provoke thinking, but isn’t that what art is about?”
He is Controversial in the way he re-appropriates vintage pulp imagery from the 1950’s to create something new, with new context, meaning and a new story.  Similar to a collage artist, using vintage photography or fiction books as source material but also a traditional artist who uses canvas and oil paint. He then creates captions that are born out of viral social media posts, memes and quotes, testing and tweaking to see which gains the most traction amongst his followers. A scientific approach to finding the right sequence of words and relatable captions that connect with the viewer, perfectly matched with the vintage image and oil paint.
“My aim is to make the viewer chuckle at the controversial nature of my work calling *B*U*L*L*S*H*I*T* on,  and poking fun at Millennials and their ‘first world problems’ our digitised generation obsess over, from lifestyle choices, dating, fear of gluten to Social Media fame.  As someone who remembers the world pre-internet, it’s safe to say the world is becoming a bit of a strange place".
"I fuse vintage imagery with traditional fine art and social media content to create art that explores how we currently live our lives in this new digital world and just take the piss a bit. My approach and the way I communicate is dark, satirical, fearless, and controversial".
"Behind the beautiful imagery is a dark story about yourself, just waiting to be discovered”