Marquis De Rabbit Original Marquis De Rabbit | Traffic Dancer | Original | Stencil & Spray Paint

Marquis De Rabbit | Traffic Dancer | Original | Stencil & Spray Paint

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Traffic Dancer Original Stencil and Spray Paint on Paper - Unframed

Ok Confession time who hasn't danced with a traffic cone at the end of particularly good night out?

We've all done it but I suspect without the same level of grace and poise that Marquis De Rabbit has captured in this original artwork.

Traffic Dancer would be the perfect partner to Traffic Man also by Marquis De Rabbit.

Can I Get This Framed?

Yes! If you would like to discuss framing your prints, please get in touch via email at: or give us a call on: 07544 740024, we’d love to chat!

The Details

Title: Traffic Dancer

Medium: Original Spray Paint 

Paper: 300 gsm paper

Size: 59.4 x 42 cm (A2)

Edition: Original

Year: 2021

Framed: Unframed

Signed: Yes, by Marquis De Rabbit

COA: Yes, signed by Marquis De Rabbit

Care Information

This original artwork will be wrapped in acid free tissue paper and shipped inside a sturdy postal tube.

We take great care in rolling and putting the art into the tube so please be careful removing them. Make sure there are no burrs on the opening of the tube as they might catch the print.  
To remove - gently tap one end until the tissue paper appears then gently pull the tissue paper - Not the artwork. Please do not pull the art by the corners.

Once out of the tube, allow the art to rest – forcing it flat may cause a crease.

Delivery Information

UK Mainland and European Union please see Shipping Rates for General Shipping

For shipping outside of the UK and European Union, please email for a quote: